Cocktail Recipes & Drink Recipes

At Drink Lab we have thousands of Cocktails, Cocktail Recipes and Mixed Drink Recipes to count!! So we have done all the hard work for you and organised a list of our MOST POPULAR Cocktail recipes.

Check out our top 10 most Popular Cocktail Recipes and drinks! As well as our list of other popular recipes, from the classics to the not so classic we have them all. Don’t forget to also check out our Cocktail Recipe Themes as well, we are continually adding new and popular drinks to our site and themes.

Most Popular Cocktail Recipes

These are the most popular cocktail recipes on Drink Lab, these cocktails are always a hit at any party or event. Looking for the most popular shot’s then click here to see our shot collection.

Popular Cocktails by Theme:

Because we have so many drinks, cocktails and shots. We have tried to make it easier to find the perfect drink for the perfect occasion.

That’s why we are sorted our drinks into awesome drink themed categories. Come back often as we are always adding drinks to the list and new drink and party themes.

Popular Cocktails by Colour:

Blue, Green, Red, White, Purple.. Know the colour of that cocktail but not its name? We have tried to colour ordinate our forever ending list of cocktail recipes.

Cocktail Recipes With Photos: