Dirty Named Cocktails & Cocktail Recipes

Here our some of our favourite Rude and Dirty Named Cocktails and Drinks. Some times you wouldn’t want to utter the words let alone, at a bar tender something that sounds like it came out of a porn movie! Yes we have a list of ‘Rude and Dirty named drinks’. We have found all the naughty word COCKtails for you. We have certainly put the word ‘ Cock’ in Cocktail.

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Popular Dirty Named Drinks
Sex Related Cocktails & Drinks
Vagina / Pussy Related Cocktails & Drinks
Cock/Dick Related Cocktails & Drinks
Slut Related Cocktails & Drinks
Boob Related Cocktails & Drinks
Other Dirty Named Cocktails & Drinks

Popular Dirty Named Cocktail & Drinks

The allure of Dirty Named Cocktails! These audacious beverages have been titillating taste buds and sparking conversations for decades, if not longer. Perfect for adult-themed parties, bachelorette soirees, or simply for the adventurous imbiber, these cocktails are crafted with a sense of humor and an eye for quality.

Sex Related Cocktail & Drinks

Looking to add a dash of allure to your cocktail repertoire? Our Sex-themed cocktails are the epitome of sensuality in a glass. Crafted with the finest aphrodisiac ingredients and presented in the most seductive manner, these drinks are perfect for date nights or when you’re in the mood for something a little risqué. From ‘Sex on the Beach’ to ‘Between the Sheets,’ these cocktails are not just about taste; they’re an experience that transcends the ordinary. Intrigued? Click here to explore our collection of Sex-themed cocktails and let the magic unfold.

Vagina / Pussy Cocktail & Drinks

Embrace the power of femininity with our carefully curated Vagina-themed cocktails. These drinks are crafted as a tribute to womanhood, featuring ingredients that are rich in symbolism and often used in ancient rituals to celebrate the female form. From cocktails infused with pomegranate, often considered the fruit of fertility, to others garnished with edible flowers, each drink is a tasteful and empowering celebration. These cocktails are more than just a blend of spirits; they’re a toast to the strength, complexity, and beauty of women everywhere. Intrigued? Click here to explore our full range of Vagina themed cocktails.

Penis / Cock / Dick Related Cocktails & Drinks

Get ready for a cheeky adventure with our Penis/Cock-themed cocktails! These whimsical concoctions are designed to entertain and spark conversation, making them perfect for bachelorette parties, adult-themed events, or simply for those looking to try something audacious. Whether it’s the ‘Whiskey Woody,’ a robust blend of whiskey and aromatic bitters, or the ‘Velvet Hammer,’ a creamy and luxurious mix, each cocktail offers a unique and playful experience. These drinks are not just about raising eyebrows; they’re about enjoying high-quality ingredients mixed to perfection. Feeling bold? Click here to check out our eclectic range of Penis / Cock themed cocktails.

Slut Related Cocktail & Drinks

Unleash your wild side with our daring range of Slut themed cocktails, designed to challenge norms and celebrate sexual freedom. These bold concoctions are a tribute to empowerment and liberation, mixed with a dash of audacity. Whether it’s the ‘Scarlet Temptress,’ a passionate blend of red fruit liqueurs, or the ‘Femme Fatale,’ a sultry mix of dark rum and exotic spices, each cocktail invites you to embrace your desires without judgment. So why hold back? Click here to explore our provocative collection of Slut-themed cocktails.

Boob / Tit Related Cocktail & Drinks

Add a touch of playful cheekiness to your next gathering with our Boob Tit Themed Cocktails. Perfect for bachelorette parties, girls’ nights, or anyone looking to sip on something a bit audacious, these cocktails are crafted to delight both the palate and the imagination. From the voluptuous ‘Busty Martini’ featuring creamy liqueurs, to the ‘Tequila Ta-Tas,’ a zesty blend that’ll make you want to dance, our collection is a celebration of form and flavor. These cocktails are more than just eye-catching, they’re a taste adventure you won’t want to miss. Intrigued? Click here to uncover our full range of Boob Tit Themed Cocktails.

Other Dirty Named Cocktail & Drinks

Indulge your naughty side with our collection of other Dirty-Named Cocktails that are as audacious as they are delicious. These sassy concoctions are perfect for breaking the ice, raising eyebrows, and inciting laughter at your next adult gathering. These libations are crafted for those who appreciate bold flavors and a dash of irreverence in their glass.

Dirty Named Cocktails and Drinks

Dirty Named Cocktails

Sex Themed Cocktails

Sex Themed Cocktails

Virgina Themed Cocktails & Drinks

Vergina Themed Cocktails

Penis Themed Cocktails & Drinks

Penis Themed Cocktails

Slut Themed Cocktails & Drinks

Slut Themed Cocktails

Boob Themed Cocktails & Drinks

Boob Themed Cocktails