Fruit Tingle Cocktail
Calories: 229kcal
Total Time: 2 minutes
The Fruit Tingle cocktail is a popular summer or spring drink with a fruity taste reminiscent of the classic Fruit Tingle lollies and candy. This refreshing and easy-to-drink cocktail combines the flavors of blue curaçao, raspberry cordial or grenadine, and lemonade. Depending on the amount of grenadine added, it can be purple or blue in color. This nostalgic drink is sure to bring back memories of childhood treats.



Prepare the Glass:

  • Fill a tumbler glass with ice cubes.

Pour the Ingredients:

  • Pour 1 oz of blue curaçao over the ice.
  • Add 1 oz of grenadine syrup or raspberry cordial.
  • Add 1 oz of vodka.

Mix with Lemonade:

  • Pour lemonade over the mixture, allowing the combined effect to mix the drink naturally.


  • Serve immediately and enjoy your refreshing Fruit Tingle Cocktail.



For the best experience, use high-quality liqueurs and freshly squeezed lemonade if possible. The Fruit Tingle Cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy a mix of sweet, fruity, and nostalgic flavors. This cocktail is ideal for summer or spring parties, gatherings, or any occasion where you want to serve a refreshing and memorable drink. You can adjust the amount of grenadine or raspberry cordial to customize the color and sweetness to your liking.
The Fruit Tingle Cocktail is a delightful and refreshing drink that’s perfect for any nostalgic occasion. Its combination of blue curaçao, raspberry cordial or grenadine, vodka, and lemonade creates a unique and satisfying cocktail experience. Whether you’re hosting a summer party or just want to enjoy a sweet and fruity drink, this cocktail is a fantastic choice.
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Estimated Nutrition:

Calories: 229kcal (11%)Carbohydrates: 28g (9%)Protein: 1g (2%)Fat: 1g (2%)Saturated Fat: 1g (6%)Sodium: 10mgSugar: 22g (24%)
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Get Fruity with the Fruit Tingle Cocktail: The Ultimate Boozy Treat for Cocktail Lovers!

Looking for a fun and flavorful cocktail to spice up your happy hour? Look no further than the Fruit Tingle Cocktail! This vibrant, colorful drink is a favorite among cocktail aficionados who love to experiment with new flavors and ingredients. With a tantalizing mix of sweet and sour notes, the Fruit Tingle Cocktail is the perfect drink for those who want to enjoy a refreshing burst of fruity flavor with a boozy twist.

So whether you’re a seasoned cocktail pro or just looking to try something new, the Fruit Tingle Cocktail is the perfect drink for you. With its sweet and tangy flavor profile, vibrant color, and endless possibilities for customization, it’s no wonder this drink has become a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts. So grab your shaker, pick out your favorite ingredients, and get ready to mix up a delicious, fruity treat that will have you coming back for more!

What is the fruit tingle made of?

While the Fruit Tingle Cocktail can be made with a variety of different brands of spirits and mixers, some of the most popular options include:

To make a fruit tingle cocktail, simply mix together equal parts vodka, blue curaçao, raspberry cordial, and lime juice, and serve over ice. Garnish with a slice of lime and a maraschino cherry for an extra touch of sweetness and color.

What Flavor is a Furit Tingle Cocktail?

The Fruit Tingle Cocktail is a sweet and tangy drink that features a blend of fruity flavors. Depending on the mix of ingredients used, it can have notes of citrus, raspberry, and blueberry, with a hint of sweetness and a sour kick.

Fruit Tingle Nutritional Facts:

While the Fruit Tingle Cocktail is a delicious treat, it’s important to enjoy it in moderation. Here are some nutritional facts to keep in mind:

  • Calories:
    Depending on the mix of ingredients used, the Fruit Tingle Cocktail can contain anywhere from 150-300 calories per serving.
  • Carbs:
    Again, the carb count can vary depending on the mix of ingredients used, but most Fruit Tingle Cocktails contain around 30 grams of carbs per serving.
  • Sugar:
    This sweet drink can pack a punch when it comes to sugar – most recipes contain between 20-40 grams of sugar per serving.

Fruit Tingle Cocktail

A fruit tingle cocktail is a refreshing and delicious mixed drink that combines the sweet flavors of blue curaçao, raspberry cordial, and lime juice with vodka. Perfect for sipping at parties, special occasions, or any time you want a fruity treat, this colorful cocktail is sure to be a hit with friends and family.


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