Halloween Cocktails & Cocktail Recipes

Why not make Halloween more fun than just trick or treating and candy. Kick start your Halloween Party or Spooky night with these great themed Halloween Cocktails and Drink Recipes. When the leaves start to fall and the air takes on a chill, there’s no doubt that Halloween is lurking around the corner. And what better way to celebrate this spooktacular holiday than with a collection of Halloween-themed cocktails that are as hauntingly delicious as they are visually striking? From Witch’s Brew to Vampire’s Kiss, we’ve conjured up some spellbinding concoctions that will surely bewitch your senses.
These are some of our favourite Halloween cocktails for your next party.

Bloody Mary Cocktails

Which Themed Cocktails

Witch Themed Cocktails

Blood Themed Cocktails

Blood Themed Cocktails

Stranger Things Themed Cocktails & Drinks

Stranger Things Cocktails

Walking Dead Zombie Themed Cocktails & Drinks

Walking Dead Cocktails

Game of Thrones Cocktails

Game Of Thrones Cocktails

Orange Cocktails

Orange Cocktails

beetlejuice themed cocktails

Beetlejuice Themed Cocktails

Spooky Garnishes:

Lychee Eyeballs: Use canned lychees filled with a blueberry or a raspberry to create an “eyeball” and skewer them on a toothpick.

  1. Spider Ice Cubes: Freeze a small, non-toxic plastic spider inside ice cubes.

  2. Gummy Worms: Hang gummy worms off the edge of the glass for a slimy touch.

  3. Skeleton Hand Stirrers: Get some small, plastic skeleton hands to use as stirrers.

  4. Edible Blood: Use red fruit syrup to rim the glass, dripping some down the sides for a bloody effect.

Themed Garnishes:

  1. Zombie Hand: Use a green candy hand or make one out of green marzipan to hang off the rim for a zombie-themed drink.

  2. Witch’s Broom: Use a mini pretzel stick and attach a small sprig of mint or rosemary to make a little witch’s broom.

  3. Dragon Fruit Scales: For a Game of Thrones vibe, add a skewer of dragon fruit pieces.

  4. Dry Ice: For a Stranger Things or witchy brew effect, a small piece of food-grade dry ice can make your cocktail foggy. (Note: Make sure to follow safety guidelines when using dry ice.)

  5. Beetlejuice Stripes: Use a black food color marker to draw Beetlejuice-esque stripes on orange or yellow fruit slices.

Colorful Garnishes:

  1. Blackberries & Orange Peel: For orange cocktails, garnish with blackberries and an orange peel for a Halloween color scheme.

  2. Black Sugar Rim: Color sugar black using food coloring and rim the glass for an elegant but creepy look.

  3. Food Coloring: Use drops of food coloring to add some extra color to your favourite cocktails.

Snack Pairings:

  1. Candy Corn on the Rim: Attach a few pieces of candy corn to the rim for a sweet touch.

  2. Pumpkin Seeds: Toasted pumpkin seeds could be a salty side to accompany your drink.

Halloween Cocktails & Drinks