Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots
Calories: 1058kcal
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots are the life of any party—enticing, colorful, and irresistibly delicious. Imagine biting into a strawberry, only to be met with a burst of tequila and citrus. Whether you're hosting a summer BBQ, a birthday bash, or just a weekend get-together, these jello shots offer a unique twist on the classic cocktail. They're easy to make and even easier to enjoy, so let's delve into how you can craft these delightful, boozy treats that are sure to get everyone talking.


  • 1 cups Hot Water
  • 3/4 cups Tequila
  • 3/4 cups Triple Sec
  • 1 Lime
  • 20-30 Strawberries
  • Strawberry Jello / Jelly


Strawberry Jelly / Jello

  • Combine Jelly mix with 1 cup hot water and stir 2 minutes to completely dissolve
  • Stir tequila and cointreau into the Jelly mixture.
  • Put aside to cool while your prepare the strawberries.


  • Balancing the strawberry on its side, parallel to the cutting board at the point where it is widest, cut off the top.
  • Still holding it the same way, cut off a tiny part of the strawberry's bottom tip so the berry can stand upright. Make sure not to cut off too much or you'll create a hole at the bottom. Repeat with all remaining strawberries.
  • Using a spoon or melon baller, carefully scoop out the insides of the strawberries.


  • Zest lime into a plate of sugar.
  • Slice lime into thin rounds, then cut into small wedges. You may also want to cut a small chunk through the center of each wedges flesh so they can balance on the tip of the strawberry.

Final steps

  • Wet the sides of the solidified Jelly shot with lime or water, roll in your sugar-lime zest, and garnish with lime wedge.
  • Using a container with a spout or a syringe, pour Jelly/booze mixture into strawberry cups. Fill them up as much as possible, because Jelly shrinks when it solidifies.
  • Refrigerate four hours or until firm.


Estimated Nutrition:

Calories: 1058kcal (53%)Carbohydrates: 82g (27%)Protein: 2g (4%)Fat: 1g (2%)Saturated Fat: 1g (6%)Sodium: 32mg (1%)Potassium: 489mg (14%)Fiber: 7g (29%)Sugar: 70g (78%)Vitamin C: 161mg (195%)Calcium: 61mg (6%)Iron: 1mg (6%)
CourseBeverage, Drinks, Shot
CuisineJello Shots, Layered Shot, Shot
KeywordBeverage Recipe, Drink Recipe, Jello Shot Recipe, Shot Recipe

A Berry Good Time – Elevate Your Party Game with Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots are a crowd-pleaser that elevate your party to the next level. This ingenious creation combines the richness of tequila and Triple Sec with the fruity goodness of strawberries, all encased in a jiggly jelly form. Imagine the surprise and delight as guests bite into a fresh strawberry and discover a burst of Margarita flavor! Easy to make and irresistibly delicious, these edible cocktails bring fun, flavor, and festivity to any occasion. From summer barbecues to holiday parties, they’re the perfect way to serve up some joy.

he Art of Garnishing: It’s All in the Details

Zest a lime into a plate of sugar. This zesty sugar not only looks great but also adds an extra layer of flavor. Cut lime wedges to garnish each shot, balancing them delicately on the tip of each strawberry.

Tips for a Flawless Execution

  • Quality Over Quantity: Opt for good-quality tequila and fresh strawberries.
  • Serving Size: This recipe makes around 20-30 shots, perfect for a small gathering.
  • Make-Ahead Magic: Prepare these a day in advance for best results.

Variations: Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try some variations?

  • Tropical Twist: Use coconut-flavored jello.
  • Boozy Berries: Add a splash of berry-flavored vodka.

Cheers to the Perfect Party Starter

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots are more than just a drink; they are a conversation starter, an ice breaker, and most importantly, a fun addition to any gathering. With their vibrant colors, delightful flavors, and a hint of nostalgia, these jello shots are the epitome of what a party treat should be. So go ahead, try this recipe and let these jiggly, zesty, boozy delights be the highlight of your next event.