Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot Recipe: A Spooky and Colorful Drink
Calories: 104kcal
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes
The Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot recipe is made with a combination of Peach Schnapps Irish Cream, Grenadine syrup, Liqueur – Blue Curacao , and . Served in a Shot Glass. Learn how to make a Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot check out the full cocktail recipe details below.



Pour the Peach Schnapps:

  • Start by pouring 0.75 oz of Peach Schnapps into a shot glass.

Add the Irish Cream:

  • Carefully splash 0.25 oz of Irish Cream on top of the Peach Schnapps. The cream will start to curdle, creating a brain-like appearance.

Add the Blue Curacao:

Finish with Grenadine:

  • Finally, add 5-7 drops of Grenadine Syrup. The grenadine will sink through the layers, creating a blood-like effect that completes the alien brain look.


  • Serve immediately and enjoy the spooky visual and delicious taste!



Why Try the Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot?

The Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot is not only a fun and creative addition to any party, but it also combines flavors of peach, cream, and a touch of citrus and sweetness. It’s a shot that will impress your guests with both its taste and its unique appearance.

Tips for Making the Perfect Shot

  • Pour Carefully: To achieve the perfect layered effect, pour the Irish Cream and other ingredients slowly and carefully over the back of a spoon.
  • Chill Your Ingredients: For the best flavor, make sure your ingredients are well chilled before mixing.
  • Serve Immediately: This shot is best enjoyed right after making it to maintain its visual appeal.
Impress your friends with the Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot, a drink that’s as fun to make as it is to drink. Follow these simple steps to create a memorable and spooky shot for your next Halloween party or themed event.
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Estimated Nutrition:

Calories: 104kcal (5%)Carbohydrates: 11g (4%)Protein: 1g (2%)Fat: 1g (2%)Saturated Fat: 1g (6%)Cholesterol: 26mg (9%)Sodium: 8mgSugar: 10g (11%)
CourseBeverage, Drinks, Shot
CuisineBeverage, Drinks, Shot
KeywordBeverage Recipe, Drink Recipe, Shot Recipe