Hunch Punch Cocktail

Hunch Punch Cocktail

Hunch punch is usually a red colour and served up to large crowds and parties. Its a tasty mix of juices and alcohol in bulk. Hunch punch is also know as Jungle Juice. Hunch Punch is definitely a favourite found on college campuses across the country. It may take a lot of time and ingredients to make it, but it is definitely worth the time, effort, and money because it not only serves a lot of people, but tastes pretty darned good.
Course Cocktail, Punch
Servings 70 servings
Calories 77kcal


  • 11 Litres Fruit Punch
  • 16 oz Orange Juice
  • 16 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 8 cups Lemonade - (Sprite)
  • 8 cups Ginger Ale
  • 25 oz Grain Alcohol
  • 25 oz Vodka


  • Mix all ingredients in a large 5 Gallon or 20 Litre container.
  • Serve over ice.
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