Vodka Shots – Exciting Recipes for Your Next Party

What Shots and drinks can you make with Vodka?
The simple answer is LOTS, below is a collection of the most popular Vodka Shot Recipes.

Vodka is the ideal base spirit for a Vodka Shots as it has a neutral flavour. Try it in a traditional blend, with plenty of fruit or in a clean, crisp mixed drink.

Vodka shots are a popular choice for parties and celebrations. With their quick and easy preparation, they can add a lot of fun to any gathering. In this guide, we’ll share some of the best vodka shot recipes that are sure to be a hit at your next event.

Most Popular Vodka Shot Recipes

These are the most popular Shot recipes on Drink Lab, these shooters are always a hit at any party or event. Looking for the most popular Vodka Cocktail’s then click here to see our Vodka Cocktail collection.

Wet Pussy Shot

Wet Pussy Shot Recipe

Wet Pussy Shot Recipe The Wet Pussy Shot, is a very popular shot both on our website and at bars and
4th of July Vodka Jello Shots Recipe - Patriotic Party Treats

4th of July Vodka Jello Shots

4th of July Vodka Jello Shots Get ready to celebrate Independence Day with these vibrant 4th of July Vodka Jello
Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe

Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe

Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe The Screaming Orgasm. No, we're not talking about a risqué subject, but rather a drink that's
Eyeball Jello Shots

Eyeball Jello Shots

Halloween Eyeball Jello Shots These super tasty eyeball jello shots are perfect for Halloween or any kind of spooky party..

Christmas Jello Shots

Christmas Jello Shots A simple Christmas treat that is perfect for any holiday occasion. These Christmas Martini Jello shots are
Monkey Brain Shot

Monkey Brain Shot Recipe

Monkey Brain Shot Looking for the perfect shot this spooky season? Look no further than the Monkey Brain! This impressive-looking
Kamikaze Shot

Kamikaze Shot

Kamikaze Shot The Kamikaze Shot recipe is a classic and refreshing drink that combines vodka, triple sec, and lime cordial.
Lemon Drop Shot

Lemon Drop Shot

Lemon Drop Shot The Lemon Drop Shot recipe is made with a combination of Vodka, Lemon Juice and Sugar. This
Jolly Rancher Cocktail Recipe - Sweet and Refreshing

Jolly Rancher Cocktail

Jolly Rancher Cocktail The Jolly Rancher Cocktail is a sweet and vibrant drink that brings a fruity burst of flavor

Vodka Shot Recipes

4th of July Vodka Jello Shots Recipe - Patriotic Party Treats

4th of July Vodka Jello Shots

Celebrate Independence Day with these vibrant 4th of July Vodka Jello Shots! A fun and festive treat for your holiday
Apple Pie Shot Recipe - Tastes Like Homemade Pie

Apple Pie Shot

Savor the flavor of homemade apple pie with this Apple Pie Shot. A perfect blend of vodka, apple cider, and
Blue Firecracker Jelly Shots Recipe - Explosive Fun for Your Party

Blue Firecracker Jelly Shots

Ignite your party with Firecracker 2 Jelly Shots! These vibrant blueberry jello shots with vodka and peach schnapps are a
Blueberry Pancake Shot Recipe - A Sweet and Fruity Treat

Blueberry Pancake Shot

Indulge in the Blueberry Pancake Shot, a delightful mix of blueberry vodka and butterscotch schnapps. Perfect for a dessert-like cocktail
Cactus Cooler Shot Recipe - Vibrant Party Starter

Cactus Cooler Shot

Bring the party to life with the Cactus Cooler Shot! A delicious blend of mandarin vodka, peach schnapps, and Red

Christmas Jello Shots

Christmas Jello Shots A simple Christmas treat that is perfect for any holiday occasion. These Christmas Martini Jello shots are
Double Inception Bomb Shot

Double Inception Bomb Shot

Dive into the ultimate party drink experience with the Double Inception Bomb Shot recipe! This layered shot combines raspberry vodka,
Dragon's Blood Shot Recipe - A Fiery and Bold Shot

Dragons Blood Shot

Experience the fiery Dragon's Blood Shot, a bold mix of vodka and Tabasco sauce. Perfect for adventurous drinkers looking for
Easter Egg Jello Shots Recipe - A Fun Adult Treat for Easter

Easter Egg Jello Shots Recipe

Elevate your Easter celebration with these delightful Easter Egg Jello Shots! Perfect for adults, these tasty treats are a fun
Eyeball Jello Shots

Eyeball Jello Shots

Create these spooky and sweet Halloween Eyeball Jello Shots for your next party! Simple to make and deliciously eerie. Find
Eyeball Jello Shots

Eyeball Jello Shots

Create spooky Eyeball Jello Shots with vodka, gelatin, and condensed milk. These eerie treats are a hit at Halloween parties
Funky Cold Medina Shot Recipe: A Refreshing Twist

Funky Cold Medina

Mix up the refreshing Funky Cold Medina Shot with vodka, peach liqueur, and blue curaçao topped with cranberry juice. Perfect
German Chocolate Cake Shot Recipe - A Sweet and Nutty Delight

German Chocolate Cake Shot

Indulge in the German Chocolate Cake Shot, a sweet and nutty mix of vodka and hazelnut liqueur. Perfect for a
Gold Emerald Shooter Recipe - A Luminous and Spicy Shot

Gold Emerald Shooter

Discover the Gold Emerald Shooter, a striking blend of vodka, cinnamon schnapps, and melon liqueur. Perfect for a vibrant and
Green Vodka Jello Shots Recipe - Easy Party Favorite

Green Vodka Jello Shots

Create vibrant and fun Green Vodka Jello Shots with this simple recipe. Perfect for parties, these shots combine vodka and
Jar Jar Binks Shot: A Colorful Star Wars Inspired Drink

Jar Jar Binks Shot

Dive into the Jar Jar Binks Shot, a playful mix of Blue Curacao, strawberry schnapps, lemon juice, and vodka, inspired
Jello Shots in Oranges

Jello Shots in Oranges

Elevate your party with Jello Shots in Oranges, a fun blend of vodka or rum and jello served in orange
Kamikaze Shot

Kamikaze Shot

Experience the Kamikaze Shot, a classic blend of vodka, triple sec, and lime cordial. Perfect for a refreshing and easy-to-make
Kryptonite Shot

Kryptonite Shot

Try the Kryptonite Shot, a strong and tasty mix of spiced rum, coconut rum, and Midori, topped with Bacardi 151.
Kryptonite Shots Recipe - A Trio of Superman-Themed Delights

Kryptonite Shots

Discover the Kryptonite Shots, featuring Red, Green, and Blue Kryptonite variations with rock candy and flavorful liqueurs. Perfect for a
Lemon Drop Shot

Lemon Drop Shot

Enjoy the Lemon Drop Shot, a sweet and zesty mix of vodka, lemon juice, and sugar. Perfect for a refreshing
Long Island Iced Tea infused Watermelon

Long Island Iced Tea infused Watermelon

Transform your next gathering with this Long Island Iced Tea Infused Watermelon. A boozy twist on a classic, it's perfect
Matrix Red Pill Shot Recipe - Enter the World of Flavor

Matrix Red Pill Shot

Step into the Matrix with the Red Pill Shot, a bold blend of peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and cherry vodka.
Monkey Brain Shot

Monkey Brain Shot Recipe

Get ready to wow your friends with the Monkey Brain Shot! This Halloween favorite combines vodka, Irish cream, lime juice,
Moose Fart Shot Recipe - A Rich and Creamy Delight

Moose Fart

Try the Moose Fart Shot for a creamy and rich blend of vodka, Canadian whisky, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream.
Night Night Daddy Shot Recipe - Fiery Layered Drink

Night Night Daddy Shot

Master the Night Night Daddy Shot, a layered and flaming drink with melon liqueur, Jäger, apple schnapps, and raspberry vodka.
Panty Dropper Shot Recipe - A Fruity and Fun Party Drink

Panty Dropper Shot

Try the Panty Dropper Shot, a delicious mix of raspberry vodka, blueberry schnapps, and cranberry juice. Perfect for a fun
Payday Shot Recipe - Sweet and Indulgent Treat

Payday Shot Recipe 2

Indulge in the delicious Payday Shot! This creamy blend of caramel vodka, chocolate liqueur, and Irish cream is perfect for
Rainbow Shots

Rainbow Shots

Experience the prettiest Rainbow Shots, a vibrant mix of grenadine, sweet and sour mix, orange juice, vodka, and blue curaçao.
red vodka jello shots

Red Vodka Jello Shots

Red Vodka Jello Shots: these three words alone are enough to get a party started! Whether you're hosting a festive
Red, White and Blue Shot Recipe

Red, White and Blue Shot Recipe

Celebrate with the Red, White, and Blue shot recipe! This patriotic layered shot mixes grenadine, peach schnapps, and blue curaçao
Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe

Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe

Mix up a Screaming Orgasm shot, a decadent blend of vodka, almond liqueur, Irish cream, and coffee liqueur, for a
Sexy Blue Eyes Shot Recipe: A Vibrant Raspberry & Blueberry Mix

Sexy Blue Eyes Shot

Discover how to make the Sexy Blue Eyes shot, featuring a colorful blend of raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, and blueberry
Stop Light Shot

Stop Light Shot

Get the party going with the Stop Light Shot! This vibrant trio of vodka shots with melon liqueur, orange juice,
Yoda Shot: A Galactic Green Star Wars Shooter

The Yoda Shot

Master your party with the Yoda Shot, a vibrant Star Wars-inspired shooter blending melon liqueur, apple schnapps, and a hint
Easy Vodka Jello Shots Recipe - Perfect Party Treats

Vodka Jello Shots

Make your next party a hit with these simple and delicious Vodka Jello Shots! Fun, easy, and sure to impress
Wet Fantasy Shot Recipe: A Colorful and Sweet Party Drink

Wet Fantasy Shot

Mix up a Wet Fantasy Shot with Viniq, grape vodka, grape schnapps, Hpnotiq Harmonie, and lemon-lime soda, rimmed with sugar
Wet Pussy Shot

Wet Pussy Shot Recipe

Tease your taste buds with the Wet Pussy Shot! A sassy blend of peach schnapps and cranberry juice that's a
White Vodka Jello Shots

White Vodka Jello Shots

Indulge in White Vodka Jello Shots, a creamy blend of vodka, lime jello, and condensed milk. Perfect for parties and

More Vodka Shot Recipes

Flavored Vodka

Vodka Lemon Vodka
Citrus Vodka Apple Vodka
Vanilla Vodka Strawberry Vodka
Raspberry Vodka Watermelon Vodka
Orange Vodka Pepper Vodka
Blackcurrant Vodka Cranberry Vodka
Mandarin Vodka Peach Vodka
Cherry Vodka Chocolate Vodka
Lime Vodka Blue Raspberry Vodka
100 proof Vodka Coconut Vodka
Pineapple Vodka Cake Vodka
Melon Vodka Mango Vodka
Blueberry Vodka Grapefruit Vodka
Coffee Vodka Cinnamon Vodka
Whipped Cream Vodka Bison Grass Vodka
Red Berry Vodka Chilli Vodka
Grape Vodka Premix – Vodka Black
Mint Vodka Wildberry Vodka
Ginger Vodka Cookie Dough Vodka
Rose Vodka
Brand Description
Grey Goose Known for its smooth and clean taste, Grey Goose is a premium vodka made from French winter wheat.
Belvedere A Polish vodka known for its rich, velvety texture and a hint of vanilla and white pepper.
Absolut This Swedish vodka is renowned for its purity and crisp flavor, with a wide range of flavored options.
Ketel One Dutch vodka that is smooth and full-bodied, perfect for cocktails and sipping neat.
Tito’s Handmade An American vodka made from corn, known for its smooth, slightly sweet flavor and handcrafted quality.
Smirnoff A versatile and affordable vodka, perfect for mixing in a variety of cocktails.
Cîroc Unique vodka made from French grapes, offering a smooth and slightly fruity flavor.