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Shaken Cocktail & Shot Recipes

A collection of the most popular Shaken Cocktails, Shots & Drink Recipes.

Drinks with Shaken

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Celebrate the season with the Harvest Moon Cocktail. A perfect blend of tequila, triple sec, orange juice, and apple juice with a touch of grenadine ...
Midori Illusion

Midori Illusion Cocktail Recipe

Sip on the Midori Illusion Cocktail, a vibrant blend of melon liqueur, vodka, triple sec, and fruit juices. Perfect for parties with its tropical flavors and stunning color ...
Blue Long Island Iced Tea

Blue Long Island Cocktail

Try the Blue Long Island Iced Tea! A vivid twist on the classic, featuring vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and blue curaçao for a citrusy, potent drink ...
Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe

Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe

Mix up a Screaming Orgasm shot, a decadent blend of vodka, almond liqueur, Irish cream, and coffee liqueur, for a tantalizing treat ...
Mistletoe Martini

Mistletoe Martini Cocktail

Sip into the holiday spirit with the Mistletoe Martini, a delightful blend of coconut, melon, and pineapple flavors. Perfect for festive gatherings ...
Toblerone Cocktail

Toblerone Cocktail Recipe

Indulge in the Toblerone Cocktail, a creamy blend of hazelnut, coffee liqueurs, Irish cream, and honey. Perfect for dessert lovers and chocolate enthusiasts ...
Kamikaze Shot

Kamikaze Shot

Experience the Kamikaze Shot, a classic blend of vodka, triple sec, and lime cordial. Perfect for a refreshing and easy-to-make drink ...
Aqua Velva Cocktail Recipe - Refreshing and Vibrant Mix

Aqua Velva Cocktail

Savor the vibrant Aqua Velva Cocktail with vodka, gin, and blue curacao. Topped with lemonade, this refreshing drink is perfect for any occasion ...
amaretto sour

Amaretto Sour Classic

Master the Amaretto Sour Classic with this simple recipe. A delightful mix of almond liqueur, bourbon, and citrus that’s perfect for any occasion ...
Amaretto Sour Cocktail Recipe - Sweet and Sophisticated Delight

Amaretto Sour

Enjoy the classic Amaretto Sour Cocktail Recipe! A perfect blend of sweet almond liqueur, bourbon, and lemon juice for a sophisticated treat ...
Chocolate Sin Cocktail - Indulgent Chocolate Delight

Chocolate Sin Cocktail

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience with the Chocolate Sin Cocktail. This rich and decadent drink combines multiple chocolate liqueurs and vodka for a truly sinful treat ...
Aviation Cocktail Recipe - Classic Elegance in a Glass

Aviation Cocktail

The Aviation cocktail has a rich history, originating in the early 1900s and making a comeback thanks to the revival of crème de violette liqueur. Initially disappearing from the market in the 1960s, crème de violette's reintroduction in 2007 by Haus Alpenz brought the Aviation back into the spotlight ...