Elevate Your Shot Game with the Pancake Shot – A Toast to Breakfast Lovers Everywhere!

Imagine taking the heavenly flavors of a breakfast pancake and encapsulating them in a delightful shot glass! Meet the Pancake Shot—a unique concoction that miraculously tastes like your favorite morning indulgence. With a blend of Hazelnut Liqueur, a dash of Triple Sec, and a twist of lemon, this shot is a sweet and slightly sour experience that’ll leave you craving for more.

The Pancake Shot: More Than Meets the Eye

While its name might initially conjure images of fluffy stacks of pancakes, make no mistake—this shot is for adults. What sets the Pancake Shot apart is its clever balance of flavors. The Hazelnut Liqueur provides a rich, nutty base reminiscent of the buttery goodness of pancakes. Triple Sec adds a bit of citrusy brightness, while a slice of lemon and a pinch of sugar round out the profile with a zesty, sweet kick. Think of it as the maple syrup to your pancake, but with a citrusy twist!

Pro Tips:

  • For a mocktail version, you can use hazelnut syrup instead of liqueur and orange juice in place of Triple Sec.
  • Feel free to experiment with the amount of sugar and Triple Sec to fit your taste preference.

A Must-Try for Pancake Lovers

The Pancake Shot is a whimsical, flavorful experience that combines the comfort of breakfast with the thrill of a night out. Whether you’re hosting a brunch party or just want a fun drink to try, the Pancake Shot is a must-try. So why wait for breakfast to have pancakes when you can enjoy them in shot form anytime?

Pancake Shot Recipe

The Pancake Shot is another popular shot thats quite simple to make. It dose taste a little bit like a pancake its sweet and a little sour from the lemon. But if your a fan of pancakes or Hazelnut Liquour then you will love this!

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Total Time 5 minutes

Ingredients – What’s in it?

Adjust Servings 1

Instructions – How to make it:

  • Pour the Frangelico or Hazelnut Liqueur into a shot glass.
  • Place a slice of lemon over the glass
  • Pour some sugar over the lemon
  • cover with a dash of Grand Marnier or Triple Sec (so the sugar becomes sticky and partially dissolves)
  • Drink. then bite the lemon

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Calories: 78kcal | Carbohydrates: 3g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Sodium: 1mg | Sugar: 10g | Vitamin C: 4mg

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