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Calories: 185kcal
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
The Coffin Nail Cocktail is a robust and smoky drink that pairs the rich nuttiness of almond liqueur with the deep, complex flavors of scotch whiskey. This cocktail is perfect for those who appreciate a strong, sophisticated drink with a unique twist. Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or hosting an elegant gathering, the Coffin Nail is sure to impress.



  • Build Over Ice: In an old-fashioned glass filled with ice, pour the almond liqueur.
  • Add Whiskey: Add the 0.5 oz of scotch whiskey, followed by the 1.5 oz of scotch whiskey.
  • Serve: Stir gently to combine and enjoy.


For a smoother finish, consider using a single malt scotch whiskey, which adds a layer of sophistication to the drink. This cocktail is best enjoyed slowly, allowing you to savor the intricate flavors.
The Coffin Nail Cocktail is a bold choice that stands out for its rich and smoky profile. It’s a drink that demands attention and appreciation, making it a fantastic addition to any cocktail menu.
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Estimated Nutrition:

Calories: 185kcal (9%)Carbohydrates: 5g (2%)Protein: 0.01gFat: 0.04gSaturated Fat: 0.02gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.01gSodium: 1mgPotassium: 5mgSugar: 5g (6%)Calcium: 0.1mgIron: 0.02mg
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CuisineBeverage, Cocktail, Drinks
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