Mix, Shake, and Sip Your Way Into a World of Pure Imagination

Have you ever wondered what snozberries actually taste like? Willy Wonka might say they taste like, well, snozberries, but what does that mean? Thanks to the creative mixology of Tidwell, we now have a cocktail that captures this mystical berry’s essence. The “Snozberries Taste Like Snozberries Cocktail” is a whimsical drink that takes you straight into the heart of Wonkaland.

The Conception of the Snozberry Cocktail

The snozberry, although a fictional berry from Roald Dahl’s universe, has fascinated fans for decades. Mixologist Tidwell decided to bring this enigmatic flavor to life by creating a cocktail that blends strawberry and raspberry puree, thereby mimicking the mythical snozberry.

The Essence of the Cocktail

What makes this cocktail so special is its unique combination of ingredients that aim to emulate the mysterious snozberry. Angostura Reserva rum gives the drink its smooth, rich base. The lime juice adds a touch of tartness, while the simple syrup balances it with sweetness. The candied ginger provides an unexpected spicy note. Finally, the strawberry/raspberry puree—or “snozberry” puree, if you will—adds a fruity finish.

The Snozberries Taste Like Snozzberries cocktail
Calories: 220kcal
Prep Time: 3 minutes
3 minutes
Total Time: 6 minutes
Step into the magical world of Willy Wonka with the "Snozberries Taste Like Snozberries Cocktail." This unique concoction features Angostura Reserva rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and a homemade "snozberry" puree made from strawberries and raspberries. It's garnished with candied ginger, adding a little kick to the sweetness. This cocktail is not just a drink; it's an adventure for the senses, capturing the whimsical spirit of Wonkaland in every sip. Perfect for themed parties or when you're in the mood for something utterly imaginative! Cheers to tasting what snozberries really are!


  • 2 oz. White Rum
  • 1/2 oz. Lime Juice
  • 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup
  • 1 oz. Strawberry Puree Rasperry Puree
  • 2 candied ginger


  • Prepare the snozberry puree by blending strawberries and raspberries together. Strain the puree to remove seeds.
  • For an extra flair, carbonate the snozberry puree using a soda siphon. This step is optional.
  • In a shaker, combine the rum, lime juice, and simple syrup.
  • Add the snozberry puree.
  • Shake well.
  • Serve over ice and garnish with candied ginger.

Estimated Nutrition:

Calories: 220kcal (11%)Carbohydrates: 23g (8%)Protein: 0.3g (1%)Fat: 0.1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.04gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.01gSodium: 11mgPotassium: 70mg (2%)Fiber: 1g (4%)Sugar: 21g (23%)Vitamin A: 10IUVitamin C: 21mg (25%)Calcium: 8mg (1%)Iron: 1mg (6%)
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