How Many Ounces Are In A Milliliter?
A Cocktail Enthusiast’s Conversion Guide

Ever find yourself scratching your head over how many ounces (oz) are in a milliliter (ml), especially when you’re trying to perfect that cocktail or measure a shot? Fret not, because this guide will help you navigate through these conversions like a pro. And guess what? It’s easy enough for a 5th grader to understand! Let’s get mixing.

What is a ml?

Milliliters, or “ml,” are part of the metric system, a measurement system used worldwide. When it comes to cocktails, many classic European recipes use milliliters. For example, a classic Negroni might call for 30 ml of gin, 30 ml of Campari, and 30 ml of vermouth.

Fun Fact 🎉

The metric system originated in France during the late 18th century. Imagine sipping a Parisian cocktail and talking about milliliters!

What is an oz?

Ounces, abbreviated as “oz,” are more commonly used in countries like the United States. So, when you’re crafting an Old Fashioned, the recipe might say “2 oz of bourbon.”

Fun Fact 🎉

The term “ounce” has been around for ages! It comes from the Latin word “uncia,” which ancient Romans used to measure things. Cheers to history!

How many ml are in an oz?

Here’s the golden number: 1 ounce equals approximately 29.5735 milliliters. But let’s make life easier, shall we? For cocktail crafting, most people round this to 30 ml.

How do you convert oz to ml?

Grab your jigger or measuring tool, and let’s do some simple math:


So, if your cocktail recipe calls for 1.5 oz of rum, it would convert to:

1.5 oz ×30=45 ml 

Voila! Now you can make that Mojito or Daiquiri with precision.

Quick conversions for Cocktail lovers

Here’s a quick conversion table to keep you on track:

Ounces (oz) Milliliters (ml)
0.5 (Half Shot) 15
1 (Single Shot) 30
1.5 (Standard Cocktail) 45
2 (Double Shot) 60
3 (Triple Shot) 90
4 (Quarter Pint) 120

Feel free to print this table or keep it handy on your phone for those spontaneous cocktail nights.

Other measurements you might find helpful

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Oz & ml

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to master any cocktail recipe from around the globe. 🌍

So, which of these measurements do you often find yourself using? Ever tried scaling a single cocktail recipe to a big party punch? 🍹🎉