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Drinks with Apple Cider

Wet Pussy Shot

Wet Pussy Shot Recipe

Tease your taste buds with the Wet Pussy Shot! A sassy blend of peach schnapps and cranberry juice that's a flirty sip with a cheeky name ...
Midori Illusion

Midori Illusion Cocktail Recipe

Step into a tropical paradise with the Midori Illusion! This vibrant green cocktail is a perfect blend of sweet, tart, and citrusy. A true crowd-pleaser! ...
Apple Chai Gin & Tonic Recipe: A Fall-Inspired Twist

Apple Chai G&T

The Apple Chai Gin & Tonic, a fall-inspired twist on the classic G&T with apple chai syrup, gin, and tonic. Perfect for brunch or a cozy evening ...
Spiced Apple Cider

Spiced Apple Cider

Spiced Apple Cider   Spiced Apple Cider Ah, the allure of spiced apple cider! It's a drink that evokes the spirit of cozy nights, festive gatherings, and the pure, unadulterated joy of sipping something that warms you from the inside out. But this isn't just any spiced apple cider; this ...