The Brown Butter Old Fashioned: A Rich and Toasty Take on a Timeless Classic

The Old Fashioned is a cocktail that has stood the test of time, revered for its simplicity and depth. However, the world of mixology is one of constant innovation, and bartenders globally have been redefining this classic drink. Among these creative renditions is the Brown Butter Old Fashioned, a unique variation that introduces the warm, nutty essence of brown butter into the mix.

The Birth of a New Classic

Lu Brow, the former cocktail director at New Orleans’ DTB, envisioned a cocktail that encapsulated the rich, toasty flavor of brown butter. This vision led to the creation of the Brown Butter Old Fashioned, which features a base of brown butter-infused bourbon. The process involves browning unsalted butter until it emits a nutty aroma and then infusing it with bourbon. The result is a whiskey imbued with a rich, buttery character, adding a luxurious depth to the cocktail.

Brown Butter Old Fashioned

Brown Butter Old Fashioned Recipe

The Brown Butter Old Fashioned reimagines the classic cocktail by infusing the rich, nutty flavors of brown butter into bourbon. This unique twist, created by Lu Brow, former cocktail director at New Orleans’ DTB, marries the traditional elements of an Old Fashioned with the toasty warmth of brown butter. The result is a cocktail that offers a comforting, velvety sip, perfect for those who appreciate a classic with a creative edge. This drink not only pays homage to the Old Fashioned's roots but also adds a delightful Southern flair, making it a standout choice for any cocktail enthusiast.

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Prep Time 4 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes

Ingredients - What's in it?

  • 4 dashes Bitters
  • 1/4 ounce Brown Sugar Syrup
  • 1 orange peel
  • 1 Maraschino Cherry
  • 2 ounces brown-butter-washed bourbon*
  • Garnish: 2 orange peels
  • Garnish: Maraschino cherry

Adjust Servings 1 serving

Instructions - How to make it:

  • In a rocks glass, muddle the bitters, brown sugar syrup, orange peel, and cherry.
  • Add the bourbon and a large ice cube, then stir until well-chilled.
  • Garnish with an orange peel “rose” by rolling two swaths of orange peels with a Luxardo maraschino cherry inside.

Brown-Butter-Washed Bourbon:

  • Slowly brown 1/2 cup unsalted butter in a saucepan until well-toasted with a nutty aroma. Allow to cool.Pour a 750 mL bottle of bourbon into a container and stir in the brown butter. Cool until the butter solidifies on top. Freeze, skim off solids, and strain through cheesecloth. Store in a labeled, dated container.

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Calories: 39kcal | Carbohydrates: 7g | Protein: 0.2g | Fat: 0.03g | Sodium: 1mg | Potassium: 26mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 53IU | Vitamin C: 16mg | Calcium: 22mg | Iron: 0.1mg

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A Southern Staple with a Twist

In the South, and particularly in New Orleans, Old Fashioneds are a staple. Brow’s creation is a tribute to this tradition, blending the classic elements of the cocktail with the distinctive flavors of the South. The drink is sweetened with brown sugar syrup, adding an earthy sweetness, while Angostura bitters and a muddled Luxardo maraschino cherry contribute spice and rich fruitiness.

Approach and Tips:

  • Approach: The Brown Butter Old Fashioned is about enhancing the classic cocktail with the indulgent flavor of brown butter, creating a drink that’s both familiar and novel.
  • Tips:
    • Butter Quality: Use high-quality, unsalted butter for the best flavor.
    • Bourbon Selection: Choose a bourbon that complements the rich buttery notes. A smoother, less spicy bourbon works well.
    • Patience in Preparation: Take your time with the infusion process to ensure the flavors meld perfectly.