The Stick-On Bras That Are All Over Insta Are Actually Giving Women Horrifying Injuries

Image Credit: Invisible_Bra_2017 Instagram

Stick-on/lace-up bras are the newest craze to take over the Internet … but before you go and buy one of these popular trends… there’s something you need to know.

They have been advertised by celebs such as Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and Holly Hagan, and since then the craze for the bra has exploded.

Basically, they give you next level cleavage and no strap marks… this is the dream.


But, there has been some bad news added to the new obsession…

They are actually leaving women with horrific injuries.

Instagram star, Nicole Angemi took to the site to show off the injuries on her breasts and they look extremely painful



She wrote: “WARNING LADIES- I have been receiving multiple complaints from a bra made by the company @instacurve_ . This product is marketed as a stick on, push up bra with absolutely no warning or disclaimer of what the glue on this product can do to your skin. This is a video taken by my girl @embodoe moments after she removed this bra according to instructions. Several other women are having the same issue with the adhesive used in this bra which is leaving severe patterned contusions, blistering and pain requiring medical treatment. The company is not offering refunds to their customers that have been injured by their product and they are also not accepting blame for the injuries their product has caused in multiple women. If you had a problem with this product, or a similar product please leave your comments below. Hopefully this will prevent more women from getting injured. Let’s bring back the Carrie Bradshaw days when it was cool to show your bra strap!”

This looks SO painful…

Obviously, not all companies are having this reaction, but girls; please make sure you’re checking the reviews on all products.

Hopefully this was a one off.

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