Chocolate Fudge Shake

Chocolate Fudge Shake 8 oz Milk 2 Scoop(s) Ice Cream Whipped Cream 1 Chocolate Fudge Brownie 1 oz Chocolate Flaked Combine the milk. ice cream and brownie in a blender and blend for at least 30 seconds. Let the froth settle before pouring into a tall glass. Add a mountain of whipped cream to the top and scatter the flaked …

Aqua Velva Cocktail

Aqua Velva Cocktail 1 oz Vodka 1 oz Gin 1 oz Blue Curacao Top with Lemonade In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add Vodka, Gin and Blue Curacao. Shake and strain into a High Ball Glass, top with ice. Top with lemonade or lemon lime soda.

Under Current Cocktail

Under Current Cocktail 1 oz Blackcurrant Vodka .5 oz Blue Curacao .5 oz Sours .25 oz Sugar Syrup 1 Splash Lemonade Raspberry Liqueur In a Cocktail shaker filled with Ice mix everything except Raspberry Liqueur and pour into your Highball glass. Layer the Raspberry Liqueur on top with a spoon and serve.

Amaretto Sour Classic

Amaretto Sour Classic Learn how to make a Amaretto Sour cocktail with this simple recipe. 1.5 oz Almond Liqueur .75 oz Bourbon Whiskey 1 oz Sugar Syrup 1 tsp Lemon Juice .5 oz Egg White (Beaten) 1 Cherry 1 Orange (Slice) Add all ingredients to a shaker with no ice and shake to combine. Add Ice to the shaker and …

Amaretto Sour

Amaretto Sour Learn how to make a Amaretto Sour cocktail with this simple recipe. You might also like the Amaretto Sour Classic 1.5 oz Almond Liqueur 1 oz Sugar Syrup .75 oz Lemon Juice 1 Cherry 1 Orange Slice (Slice) Top oz Lemonade ((optional)) In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add your Amaretto or Almond Liqueur, Sugar Syrup and …

Chocolate Sin Cocktail

Chocolate Sin Cocktail .5 oz Vanilla Vodka .5 oz Chocolate Vodka .5 oz Irish Cream .5 oz Chocolate Liqueur .5 oz White Chocolate Liqueur .5 oz Caramel Liqueur .5 oz Creme De Cacao top with Milk

Aviation Cocktail

Aviation Cocktail Noted for its beautiful colour, this old-school gin Aviation cocktail is as blue as the sky. Created before Prohibition, this staple was lost to the United States after the Noble Experiment. Luckily, the return of lots of classic liqueurs and quality spirits put this cocktail back on the market. Also seen in the hit TV show The Blacklist. …