Dream Cocktail

Dream Cocktail 5 cl Orange Juice 1 Egg 1 cl Grenadine Syrup Shake. strain into highball glass with ice. and serve.

Drinking Chocolate

Drinking Chocolate 2 oz Cream 6 – 8 oz Milk 1 Cinnamon Sugar 1 Vanilla 2 oz Dark Chocolate 1.5 oz Whipped Cream Heat the cream and milk with the cinnamon and vanilla bean (split lengthwise) very slowly for 15-20 minutes. (If you don`t have any beans add 1-2 tsp of vanilla after heating). Remove the bean and cinnamon. Add …

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat 2 Cup(s) Milk 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder 0.5 tsp Vanilla Extract 2 tbsp Honey 0.5 tsp Cinnamon Sugar Place all ingredients into a blender jar. Cover. and whiz on medium speed until well blended. Pour into a collins glass. and serve.

Darth Vador Mocktail

Darth Vador Mocktail Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Star Wars Cocktails 1 can Cola 1 oz Whipped Cream 1 tsp Grenadine Syrup Ice In a cup filed with ice add 1/2 a can of cola, then add grenadine. Add the rest of the cola and top with whipped cream Darth Vador Mocktail Don’t forget to check …