Squashed Frog Shot Recipe

Squashed Frog Shot Recipe The Squashed frog is a popular and great looking shot to impress your friends with. Its easy to make and tasty too! Give it a try 15 ml Melon Liqueur 10 ml Avocatt Liqueur 10 ml Irish Cream 2 Dashes Grenadine Syrup Pour Midori then Advocaat in glass. Add a few dashes of grenadine and then …

Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe

Screaming Orgasm Shot Recipe Sweet, easy and tasty shot. 1/4 oz Vodka 1/4 oz Almond Liqueur 1/4 oz Irish Cream 1/3 oz Coffee Liqueur Pour in a cocktail shaker over ice and serve in a shot glass..

St. Patrick’s Booze Shooter

St. Patrick’s Booze Shooter

St. Patrick’s Booze Shooter The St. Patrick’s Booze Shooter is a must have shooter to add to your St. Patrick’s Day Party. This Shooter is made from: Cookie Dough Vodka, Green Cake Mix, Whipped Cream, and Green Sprinkles. 1/2 oz Cookie Dough Vodka 1/2 oz Cake mix ((Green)) Whipped Cream Sprinkles ((Green)) In a cocktail shaker with ice add Cookie …

Spicy Buttery Nipple

Spicy Buttery Nipple 1/3 oz Cinnamon Schnapps 1/3 oz Butterscotch Schnapps 1/3 oz Irish Cream Mix Hot Damn and Butterscotch Schnapps in shot glass first. then carefully add the irish cream without mixing.

Slippery Nipple 3

Slippery Nipple 3 1/3 oz Irish Cream 1/3 oz Butterscotch Schnapps 1/3 oz Coffee Liqueur Put the Irish cream in first. Then slowly pour the Kahlua down the side of the glass so it doesn`t mix. Then add the Butterscoth Schnapps on top nice and slow.

Slippery Nipple 2

Slippery Nipple 2 1 oz Irish Cream 1 oz Sambuca Pour sambuca into a shot glass and float Bailey`s on top. Enjoy.

Stinger Shot

Stinger Shot 3 cl Vodka 2 cl White Creme De Menthe .5 cl Tabasco sauce Tabasco in the bottom of the shot. Pour Vodka and Crème de Mènthe gently on top. Shoot!

Sit On My Face Mary Jane

Sit On My Face Mary Jane 1 Part(s) Irish Cream 1 Part(s) Hazelnut Liqueur 1 Part(s) Canadian Whisky Pour all three ingredients into the shot glass and shake until mixed together.


Sweetheart 1/3 oz Triple Sec 1/3 oz Coconut Rum 1/3 oz Peach Schnapps Stir ingredients together in a shot glass. and serve.

Shake That Ass

Shake That Ass 3/4 oz Blue Curacao Liqueur 3/4 oz Banana Liqueur 3/4 oz Sours 3/4 oz Orange(s) Build in a shot glass.