Red. White and Blue Shot Recipe

Red. White and Blue Shot Recipe Show your patriotism with the red, white and blue layered shot. Its a great mix of peach, orange and pomegranate, If you havn’t already don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and also sign up to become our Drink Buddy for all sorts of exclusives, If you liked this shot you will probably …

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette .5 oz Coffee Liqueur .5 oz Vodka 1 oz Sambuca 1. Fill two or more shot glasses with the kahlua and Vodka and place a slice of orange on the top of each glass. 2. Pour sambuca seperately into a wine glass and ignite. Pour onto the shots and allow to burn briefly. Extinguish. shoot the drink. and …

Rocky Mountain Bear F*cker

Rocky Mountain Bear F*cker 1/3 oz Tequila 1/3 oz Bourbon Whiskey 1/3 oz Peach Liqueur Pour into shot glass starting with tequila. followed by J.D. and finally Southern. Shoot it.

Redhead`s Nipple

Redhead`s Nipple 1 oz Vanilla Schnapps 1 oz Irish Cream Pour the vanilla schnapps into a shot glass. Carefully layer the irish cream on top. and serve.

Rambo Shot

Rambo Shot .5 oz Herbal Liqueur .5 oz Peppermint Liqueur Chill both liquors and serve in a chilled shot glass.

Royal F*ck

Royal F*ck 1 Part(s) Canadian Whisky 3 Part(s) Sour Apple Schnapps Pour just a tad of Crown (depending on how much you can handle) into a shot glass. Fill the rest of the shot glass with Apple Pucker.

Red Snapper

Red Snapper 1 oz Canadian Whisky 1 oz Almond Liqueur 1 oz Cranberry Juice Shake. pour into an old-fashioned glass. and serve.

Royal Flush 2

Royal Flush 2 1 Part(s) Canadian Whisky 1 Part(s) Peach Schnapps 1 Part(s) Cranberry Juice 1 Part(s) Apple Juice Mix crown and peachtree schnapps together in a shot glass. and add juices. Mix again. and serve.

Red Snapper 2

Red Snapper 2 1 1/4 oz Canadian Whisky .5 oz Almond Liqueur 1 Splash(s) Cranberry Juice Mix over ice. strain into a shot glass. and serve.

Red Royal

Red Royal 3/4 oz Canadian Whisky 1/4 oz Almond Liqueur Pour 3/4 oz. Crown Royal in shot glass. Add 1/4 oz. Amaretto. Serve