Eyeball Jello Shots

Halloween Eyeball Jello Shots These super tasty eyeball jello shots are perfect for Halloween or any kind of spooky party.. They are sweet and yummy and look just like bloody eye balls. Surprisingly they are super simple to make too. If you need the round ice tray, check out the Drink Lab Store (around $10) www.store.drinklab.org If you are after …

Estonian Forest-Fire

Estonian Forest-Fire 1 oz Vodka 12 Drop(s) Tabasco sauce 1 Slice(s) Kiwi Fruit Add Vodka to a shot glass. Drop in the tabasco sauce. and chase with the kiwi.

Eskimo Joe

Eskimo Joe 1/4 Part(s) Irish Cream 1/4 Part(s) Green Creme De Menthe 1/4 Part(s) Cinnamon Schnapps 1/4 Part(s) Milk Add the bailey`s irish cream. and then layer the milk. creme de menthe and cinnamon schnapps.

Elephant Man

Elephant Man 1/3 oz Bourbon Whiskey 1/3 oz Tequila 1/3 oz OP Rum Pour the Jack Daniel`s tennessee whiskey. tequila. and Bacardi 151 rum into a shot glass in that order. Ignite the 151 rum (use extreme caution). add a straw. and shoot.

Elsinore Elbow

Elsinore Elbow 1 oz OP Rum 1 oz Worcestershire Sauce Pour both ingredients into a large shot glass. give a quick stir. and serve.


Extraterrestrial 1 Jigger(s) Irish Cream 1 Jigger(s) Melon Liqueur 1 Jigger(s) Vodka OP Rum Pour the jigger of Midori first. Layer the Irish Cream on top. then layer the Stoli Vodka. This will give you a very attractive three layer drink. Optional – add a teaspoon or so of Bacardi 151 on the top of the drink. Then. light the …

Eliminator 2

Eliminator 2 .5 oz Herbal Liqueur 1/4 oz Bourbon Whiskey 1/4 oz Tequila .5 tsp OP Rum Pour the Jagermeister into a shot glass. Add the Jack Daniel`s whiskey. then tequila. Place a thin film of 151 rum on top; ignite. extinguish and serve.

Energy Shot

Energy Shot 1 oz Vodka 3 oz Energy Soda Pour the Vodka and the energy drink into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a shot glasses for serving.

Erik the Red

Erik the Red 1 oz Scotch Whiskey 1 oz Bourbon Whiskey 3-4 Drop(s) Red food colouring Stir ingredients together in an old-fashioned glass. and serve.

Evil Tongue

Evil Tongue 1.5 oz Gin 1 oz Melon Liqueur 1 Splash(s) Sours 1 Splash(s) Lemonade Pour all ingredients into shaker over ice. Shake and strain.