The Maple 43

The Maple 43 The Maple 43 is a gorgeous bourbon cocktail. Full of fall flavor, it’s THE drink for a crisp cocktail hour. Click here for more Stranger Things Themed Cocktails & Drinks 2 oz Maple Bourbon 1 oz Licor 43 1 teaspoon Maple Syrup Ice Waffle (Mini) Combine Jim Beam maple bourbon, Liquor 43, pure maple syrup, and some …

4th of July Vodka Jello Shots

4th of July Vodka Jello Shots These awesome 4th of July Vodka Jello Shots are super popular and everyone’s favourite. 1.75 Cups Hot Water 1 Can Condensed Milk 2 tsb Unflavoured Gelatin 1 Packet Strawberry Jello (/ Jelly) 1 Packet Blueberry Jello (/ Jelly) 1.5 Cups Vodka Red layer Mix red jello with 1 cup of boiling water Then add …

4 Godfathers

4 Godfathers 1 oz Bourbon Whiskey 1 oz Scotch Whiskey 1 oz Bourbon Whiskey 1 oz Gold Tequila Pour the whiskeys and tequila into a whiskey sour glass. stir gently. and serve. Alternatively. pour the whiskeys and tequila over 2 ice cubes. stir. and serve.

414SS Daiquiri

414SS Daiquiri 1.5 Cup(s) OP Rum 1 Cup(s) Rum 1 Package(s) Daiquiri Mix Add daiquiri mix and the required amount of ice stated on the packet to a blender. Add the Bacardi light rum and then the Bacardi 151. Splash in some more 151 if desired. Blend together for a few seconds. and pour into cocktail glasses. Attempt to drink.

42 Flying Mules

42 Flying Mules 1 oz Vodka 1 oz Rice Wine 1 Dash(s) Lemon Juice 4 oz Ginger Beer .5/2006 Lime 1 Slice(s) Cayenne Pepper Slice the half lime into 4 seperate wedges. Muddle the wedges and chili with a dash of lemon juice. and transfer to a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Add the Vodka and sake. and shake …