Puerto Rican Pina Colada

Puerto Rican Pina Colada 1 Cups(s) Pineapple Juice .5 Cups(s) Coconut Cream 1/3 Cups(s) White Rum 1 Cup(s) Crushed Ice Combine ingredients in a blender. Blend until desired consistancy. pour into a Champagne Tulip and serve.

Jungle Juice 5

Jungle Juice 5 1 Bottle(s) Bourbon Whiskey 1 Bottle(s) Peach Liqueur 1 Bottle(s) Sour Apple Schnapps 1 Bottle(s) Canadian Whisky 1 Bottle(s) White Rum 1 Gallon Orange Juice 8 Litre(s) Fruit Punch 2 Can(s) Orange Juice Concentrate mixed fruits Mix the fruit and alcohol together and let set for 4 to 12 hours. Then add the fruit punch. sunny d. …

Goat Juice For Everyone

Goat Juice For Everyone Vodka Grapefruit Juice Mix the Vodka and grapefruit juice in a cooler with a ratio of 1 Vodka to 2 grapefruit. Serve with ice in cups.

Russian Brunch

Russian Brunch 1 Part(s) Vodka 1.5 Part(s) Orange Juice 1 Part(s) Champagne Mix Vodka and orange juice in a blender with ice. and pour into a large container. Add champagne. stir. and serve.

Gator Juice

Gator Juice .5 Gallon(s) Vodka 1 fifth Raspberry Schnapps 1 Watermelon Schnapps 2 Can(s) Fruits 2 Can(s) Fruit Punch Drain fruit (if using canned fruit) or use fresh fruit if desired. and set juice aside. Place fruit in a bowl or container. add half of each bottle of alcohol. and allow to soak for as long as possible (overnight works …

Danny Q`s Aruba Rum Punch

Danny Q`s Aruba Rum Punch 1 oz Dark Rum 1 oz Dark Rum 1 oz White Rum Orange Juice Apple Juice Sours 1 Splash(s) Grenadine Syrup 2 Dash(s) Bitters Combine ingredients in a hurricane glass with ice. Shake vigorously. and serve with a cherry and orange slice.

Ice Chest Lemonade

Ice Chest Lemonade 15 – 20 Lime 15 – 20 Lemon 5 lb Sugar 1 qt Lemonade 20 lb Ice Vodka Microwave the limes and lemons for about 10 – 15 seconds in order to release the juice. Cut in half. Pour the ice into an ice chest. Add lemonade or limeade. sugar and squeeze in the juice from all …

Panty Dropper Punch

Panty Dropper Punch 750 mL White Rum 750 mL White Tequila 2 Litre(s) Sangria 2 Litre(s) Larger Beer 3 Can(s) Energy Soda 1 Cup(s) Lemonade 1 Litre(s) Collins Mix 7 Ice 4 Lime Fill a 5-gallon cooler (with pour spout) with ice. Add the rum. tequila. Carlos Rosi. and stir. Add remaining ingredients and stir again. Let sit for 5 …

Off Your Ass In A Glass

Off Your Ass In A Glass 1 oz Vodka .5 oz Gin 2 oz Energy Soda 4 oz Canadian Whisky 1 tsp Salt 2 mL Lemon Juice .5 Can(s) Bitter Beer Add all ingredients to a glass. stir. and drink straight.

Sauternes House Punch

Sauternes House Punch 1.5 Litre(s) White Wine 1 oz Orange Liqueur 1 oz Orange Curacao liqueur 1 oz Maraschino Liqueur 4 oz Sugar Dissolve sugar in wine and combine all ingredients in a large jug with ample ice to cool. Add in-season fruit slices or pieces.