Green Tea Shot Recipe

Green Tea Shot Recipe

The Green Tea Shot has become more popular recently. And is quite tasty and smooth. Learn how to make a Green Tea Shot with this simple recipe.

Adios Motherf*cker Cocktail

Adios Motherf*cker Cocktail This is a STRONG cocktail and after a few AFM’s or Adios Mother F you will be saying Adios your self. Its heavy and strong, but dosn’t tastes too strong. If you enjoy a long island iced tea you will probably enjoy this. .5 oz Vodka .5 oz Rum .5 oz Tequila .5 oz Gin .5 oz …

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail The Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) is the basis of many elaborate mixed-drinks. It dates to the 70’s, named after the continental USA’s largest island Long Island, in New York. 1 oz Vodka 1 oz Tequila 1 oz Rum 1 oz Gin 1 oz Triple Sec 1 oz Sours 1 Splash Cola Mix ingredients together …

Blue Hawaii Cocktail

Blue Hawaii Cocktail This here is the Blue Hawaii originally invented in Hawaii by Harry Yee in 1957 and is often confused with the Blue Hawaiian which is made with coconut cream instead of sweet and sour mix.. The Blue Hawaii is cool summer time drink with a refreshing tropical taste. 1 oz Blue Curacao 1 oz Vodka (or) 1 …

Grateful Dead 2

Grateful Dead 2 .5 oz Tequila .5 oz Rum .5 oz Vodka .5 oz Gin .5 oz Triple Sec 1 Sours Raspberry Liqueur Fill a collins glass with ice. Add all the white alcohol. Add the sour mix. Top off the glass with razzmatazz or chambord raspberry liqueur. Then shake to mix contents. This is a fruity version of a …

Stone Sour

Stone Sour 1 oz Apricot Brandy 1 oz Orange Juice 1 oz Sours Shake all ingredients with ice. strain into a chilled whiskey sour glass. and serve.

Amaretto Stone Sour 2

Amaretto Stone Sour 2 1.5 oz Almond Liqueur 4 oz Orange Juice 4 oz Sours Pour amaretto. orange juice. and sour mix into a tall glass over ice. and serve.

Bed Spinner

Bed Spinner 1.5 oz Almond Liqueur 1.5 oz Coffee Liqueur .5 oz Sours Build over ice in a rocks glass. adding the Sour mix last.