Sex on the Beach Cocktail

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This is the popular Sex on the Beach cocktail recipe and what is most likely the original. Popular substitutes include using pineapple for the orange, or Midori & Chambord instead of schnapps. This is a great summer drink, Chicks love this and you don’t have to get sand in all the wrong places. Its a very tasty Tropical cocktail, that’s no to strong, and now you too can enjoy sex on the the beach.

Red. White and Blue Shot Recipe

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Show your patriotism with the red, white and blue layered shot. Its a great mix of peach, orange and pomegranate, If you havn’t already don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and also sign up to become our Drink Buddy for all sorts of exclusives, If you liked this shot you will probably also like the 4th of july shot, its very similar but instead of Peach snapps you use vodka.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot Recipe

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The Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot recipe is made with a combination of Peach Schnapps Irish Cream, Grenadine syrup, Liqueur – Blue Curacao , and . Served in a Shot Glass.
Learn how to make a Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot check out the full cocktail recipe details below.