GLOW SANGRIA We have a special place in our hearts for those who love sangria. So we crafted this amazing shimmery cocktail for you to enjoy. 2 oz Viniq Glow 1 oz Moscato .5 oz Sweet and Sour Mix Top with Lemon Lime Soda Pour all into a tall elegant ice-filled glass. Top with lemon-lime soda. Garnish with lemon wheel. …

The Joker Gone Wild

The Joker Gone Wild Be sure to check out our other Suicide Squad Drinks 2 oz Cherry Vodka .5 oz White Rum 1 oz Melon Liqueur 3 oz Sweet and Sour Mix Sugar ((Purple)) Sugar Syrup Rim your glass with purple sugar. In a cocktail shaker with ice add Cherry Vodka, White Rum and Melon Liqueur. Shake well. Pour into …

Green Apple Fuzz Cocktail

Green Apple Fuzz

Green Apple Fuzz Green Apple Fuzz Cocktail is a serious drink. This drink is made from: Whtie Rum, Melon Liqueur, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao, Sweet & Sour, Sugar, and a Smirnoff Ice Green Apple. 1 oz White Rum 1.5 oz Melon Liqueur 1 splash Triple Sec 1 splash Blue Curacao Liqueur Sweet and Sour Sugar ((Green)) Smirnoff Ice Green Apple …

Gator Wizz

Gator Wizz 1 oz Vodka 2.5 oz Melon Liqueur 3 oz Sweet and Sour Mix 1 oz Triple Sec Pour ingredients over ice cubes in a tall glass. stir and serve.

Arizona Anti-Freeze

Arizona Anti-Freeze 1/3 oz Vodka 1/3 oz Melon Liqueur 1/3 oz Sweet and Sour Mix Pour all ingredients into shot glass and slam.

Hard Strawberry Lemonade

Hard Strawberry Lemonade 2 oz Lemonade 1 oz Strawberry Margarita Mix 1 oz Sweet and Sour Mix 2 oz Coconut Rum 2 oz Vodka Place all ingredients in a blender with one cup of ice. Blend at the highest setting. Serve in a hurricane glass with a straw. and garnish with lemon and/or strawberry. (Make sure if you don`t get …

American Pie Cocktail

American Pie Cocktail 1 tsp Grenadine Syrup 2 oz Vodka .33 oz Sweet and Sour Mix .75 oz Lemonade .5 oz Blue Curacao Pour grenadine in glass. Add straw and ice carefully Fill 1/3 of glass with sweet and sour. Add Vodka. Fill glass almost to the rim with lemonade soda. Add Blue Curacao. Do not stir.

Blue Pixie Stick Cocktail

Blue Pixie Stick Cocktail The Blue Pixie Stick tastes just like the name says a Blue Pixie Stick. Its a tasty little treat. .5 oz Coconut Rum .5 oz Vodka .5 oz Almond Liqueur .5 oz Blue Curacao .5 oz Grape Schnapps 2 oz Pineapple Juice 1 splash Sweet and Sour Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice …

PayDay Cocktail

PayDay Cocktail Fruity and refreshing – a glamorous drink that matches your good looks and sophistication. It’s a scrumptious way to start off Happy Hour with your besties. You might also like to check out some of these Champagne cocktails 3 oz Viniq Original 1 oz Sweet and Sour .5 oz Triple Sec 2 oz Champagne Pour all into a …

Star Wars Cocktail

Star Wars Cocktail Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Star Wars Cocktails 1 oz Lemonade 1 oz Almond Liqueur 1 oz Southern Comfort 1 oz Sweet and Sour Add Almond Liqueur, Southern Comfort and sweet and sour mix into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and then add Lemonade and strain into your cocktail glass.