Squashed Frog Shot Recipe

Squashed Frog Shot Recipe The Squashed frog is a popular and great looking shot to impress your friends with. Its easy to make and tasty too! Give it a try 15 ml Melon Liqueur 10 ml Avocatt Liqueur 10 ml Irish Cream 2 Dashes Grenadine Syrup Pour Midori then Advocaat in glass. Add a few dashes of grenadine and then …

Fluffy Duck Cocktail

Fluffy Duck Cocktail The Fluffy Duck cocktail is yellow, its fluffy and it’s a little bit odd with a combination of cream and lemonade but it’s actually quite tasty… Give it a try. 1 oz Avocatt Liqueur 1 oz White Rum 1 oz Cream top with Lemonade Shake Advokaat, white rum and freah cream over ice, strain into your cocktail …


B.A.V. 2 cl Irish Cream 2 cl Advocaat Liqueur 2 cl Vodka Ice Cubes Shake or stir and enjoy.


Damage 1 oz Advocaat Liqueur 1 oz Coconut Rum 1 oz Vodka 4 oz Lemonade Pour advocaat. rum and Vodka into a shaker with ice. Shake well. pour over ice in a highball glass. and top with lemonade.

The Dash

The Dash 2 Ice Cubes 1 oz Advocaat Liqueur 1 oz Creme de Fraise des Bois Pop a couple of ice cubes in the glass. Pour the advocaat slowly over the ice. Then wait for a moment before adding the creme de fraise. Serve it as soon as it`s poured as it starts to curdle.

Anal S*x

Anal S*x 1 oz Advocaat Liqueur 1 oz Irish Cream 1 oz Red Port 2 oz Vodka 1 oz Cream 1 tsp Sugar Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a white wine glass half filled with ice.


Snowball 1 Part(s) Advocaat Liqueur 2 Part(s) Lemonade Ice Cubes Take the glass and rub the edge on a lemon. then dip the rim in sugar. Drop the ice cubes into the glass. pour a 1/3 liqueur and fill it up with Sprite. Stir.

Class Act

Class Act 1 oz Advocaat Liqueur .5 oz Coconut Rum 1 Splash(s) Peach Liqueur 2 oz Apple Juice Pour all ingredients into a shaker of ice. shake. then strain into a rocks glass full of ice. Drinker will have to constantly mix the drink in his glass as the Advocaat will settle.

Gorilla Snot 2

Gorilla Snot 2 .5 oz Melon Liqueur .5 oz Creme De Bananes 1/5 oz Advocaat Liqueur Layer the creme de banane over the melon liqueur. Then drop the advocaat into the middle of the creme de banane. The advocaat should hang in the middle if poured correctly.

Lava Lamp 2

Lava Lamp 2 1/4 oz Coffee Liqueur 1/4 oz Strawberry Liqueur 1/4 oz Hazelnut Liqueur 1/4 oz Irish Cream 2-3 Drop(s) Advocaat Liqueur In a shot glass. pour kahlua. strawberry liqueur and frangelico. Float bailey`s irish cream on top of the other spirits and dribble 2-3 drops of advocaat on top.