Jester of Genocide

Jester of Genocide A wicked combination of Blanche Armagnac and the notorious hallucinogenic-spirit, absinthe, this is one crazy way to start your evening. Highlighted by a clown-red Maraschino cherry, the Jester of Genocide is sure to put a smile on that face. .75 oz Brandy (( Château du Tariquet Blanche )) .75 oz Lemon Juice .75 oz Orange Liqueur .75 …

ABC Shot Recipe

ABC Shot Recipe The ABC shot, the best way to describe this shot is, its strong and it burns all the way down. I would like to call this a C.R.A.F.T Shot, because after a few of these you Can’t Remember A F-ing Thing. .33 oz Absinthe Herbal Liqueur .5 oz White Rum .5 oz Chatreuse Herbal Liqueur Add all …


HEARN This complex Irish whiskey-based spin on the Manhattan won’t fail to impress. 1.5 oz Irish Whiskey 1.5 oz Vermouth .5 oz Green Chartreuse 4 dashes Bitters 2 dashes Absinthe Herbal Liqueur 2 dashes Orange Bitters Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Twist a slice of …

B-55 2

B-55 2 1/3 oz Coffee Liqueur 1/3 oz Irish Cream 1/3 oz Herbal Liqueur Carefully layer the ingredients. in order. into a shot glass; kahlua at the bottom. followed by irish cream. and topped with absinthe.

Absinthe Without Leave

Absinthe Without Leave .5 oz Absinthe Herbal Liqueur .5 oz Irish Cream .5 oz Black Sambuca Layer ingredients carefully into a shot glass. Put Absinthe first. followed by Sambuca and then Bailey`s. If done properly each will remain separate. forming an attractive green-based beverage.

Absinthe Suissesse

Absinthe Suissesse 1.5 oz Absinthe Herbal Liqueur 2-3 Drop(s) Licorice Liqueur 2-3 Drop(s) Orange Flower Water 1 tsp White Creme De Menthe 1 Egg Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Sazerac Cocktail

Sazerac Cocktail 1 tsp Sugar 1.5 oz Rye Whiskey 1 Dash(s) Herbal Liqueur 2 Dash(s) Orange Bitters 2 Dash(s) Bitters 1 Twist(s) Lemon Ice Chill an old-fashioned glass by filling with crushed ice. In another glass mix the sugar with the bitters dissolving the sugar. Add some ice. stirring to chill. In the old-fashioned glass remove the ice and pour …

Apertif d`Absinthe

Apertif d`Absinthe 1 oz Licorice Liqueur 1 tsp Wormwood Extract 5 oz Water 4 Sugar Add wormwood to a shot of pernod. Add sugar and water. and serve over ice.

Apple Fairy

Apple Fairy 2/3 oz Herbal Liqueur 2/3 oz Apple Vodka 3 oz Apple Soda For this recipe. make some Juice – Apple Juice ice cubes before you start. Then add 3 Juice – Apple Juice cubes to a cocktail glass. Add absinthe and apple Vodka. and fill with cider.

Lover`s Kiss 2

Lover`s Kiss 2 2 oz Herbal Liqueur .5 oz Herbal Liqueur .5 oz Grenadine Syrup Fill a parfait glass with ice-cubes. add ingredients and stir until pink. Absente may be used instead of Absinthe with several dashes of wormwood extract.