Chocolate Heaven Martini for 2

Chocolate Heaven Martini for 2 1 oz Chocolate Liqueur 1 oz White Chocolate Liqueur 1 oz Irish Cream 1 oz Creme De Cacao 1 oz Vodka 2 Half-and-half Pour all ingredients into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake and pour into 2 chilled cocktail glasses. and serve.

Mutual Orgasm

Mutual Orgasm 2 oz Almond Liqueur 1 oz Creme De Cacao 1 oz Vodka 2 oz Half-and-half Pour ingredients into a pint glass half-filled with ice cubes.

Death by Chocolate Martini

Death by Chocolate Martini 1.5 oz Chocolate Liqueur 1.5 oz Dark Creme De Cacao 1 oz Vanilla Vodka 1.5 oz Half-and-half Mix 3 tablespoons Oreo cookie crumbs (available in most groceries in baking isle) plus 1 tablesoon powdered sugar on a flat plate. Coat rim of chilled cocktail Martini glass with lime and then dip rim of glass in Oreo …

Slime Cocktail

Slime Cocktail 2 oz Vodka 1 oz Melon Liqueur 1 oz Half-and-half Combine ingredients with cracked ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well. and pour into a chilled old-fashioned glass.

Dreamsicle 2

Dreamsicle 2 1 oz Almond Liqueur 1 oz Triple Sec 2 oz Orange Juice 2 oz Half-and-half Shake and strain contents into a highball glass filled with ice. Tastes just like the popsicle.

Creamy Pina Colada

Creamy Pina Colada .5 Bottle(s) Rum 1 Can(s) Coconut Cream 1 Pint(s) Half-and-half 1 qt Pineapple Juice 1 Can(s) Pineapple 1-4 tsp Honey 2 lb Ice Blend all ingredients in a blender. except for ice. Serve over ice.

Baby Beer

Baby Beer 1 oz Exotic-Fruit Liqueur 1 Splash(s) Half-and-half Fill shot glass almost to the top with “43” then layer the cream on top to give the look of head on a beer.

Cafe Romano

Cafe Romano 1 oz White Sambuca 1 oz Coffee Liqueur 1 oz Half-and-half Pour the sambuca. coffee liqueur and cream into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well. strain into a cocktail glass. and serve.

Panty Dropper

Panty Dropper 1 oz Coffee Liqueur 1 oz Gin Half-and-half Pour kahlua and sloe gin into a tall. ice-filled glass. Fill with half and half. and serve.


Yuppidoo 1 oz Irish Cream 1 oz Coffee Liqueur 1 oz Herbal Liqueur 1 oz Vanilla Liqueur 1 Dash(s) Half-and-half Shake all on ice and strain into a highball glass.