A DIFFERENT THYME 30 ml Scotch Whiskey 30 ml Grapefruit Juice 60 ml Larger Beer 15 ml Sugar Syrup Build in a rocks glass, fill with ice and stir

Mexican Doo-Doo Shot

Mexican Doo-Doo Shot 12 oz Peach Liqueur 12 oz White Rum 6 oz Dr Pepper 6 oz Orange Soda 6 oz Citrus Soda 6 oz Larger Beer Add ingredients to a large jug. Serve in shot glasses.

The Force Cocktail

The Force Cocktail Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Star Wars Cocktails 3 parts Larger Beer 1 part Lemonade 1 part Vodka .5 can Energy Soda ((optional)) Mix together in a pitcher filled with ice.